Strategic Consulting

Our personalized approach puts information into action. We help our clients find inefficiencies, evaluate profitability, create growth, obtain differentiation and ensure marketing success.We provide in-depth look at the existing business and strategically use deep insights to impact existing businesses while securing long-term progression. Among the deliverables we develop for our clients are:

Planning Process: Efficiently and effectively diagnose key issues to address through a strategic marketing plan.
Strategy Definition: Advising and delineation of a plan aiming to position and differentiate their products and services to generate the best returns.
Segmentation and Target Definitions: Outline the characteristics of the different customer segments including Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioral
Traits, Needs, Wants and more.
Branding Strategy: Development and execution of the designed plan to generate awareness, increase customer acquisition and engagement, while fostering a strong perception.
Omnimedia Planning and Budget Optimization: Identification of the mediums and vehicles to diffuse the messaging strategy. We provide the direction to generate the highest return and reinforce the designed brand positioning. Our services commonly include SEO, SEM, Social, Mobile and paid Media management including TV, Print, Digital and Outdoor.
Distribution Channel Management: Delineation of the right vehicles in which the product/service reaches the right customer, at the right time with the right value proposition.
Digital Footprint and Strategy: We work with our client’s digital platforms to secure a positive interaction with the target segment (UI) and secure a consistent delivery of the designed experience (UX).
Emerging Technologies Assessment: Evaluationof existing and potential technology that can enhance the busines model including: artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics, personalization, content management tools, augmented reality and the IoT.